September 26, 2011

June 14, 2009

Dragging a BIG stick

Major felt like this was a good stick to select today! He dragged it about 20 feet, then settled down next to his prize. Goofball!

Can I get out?

Major takes a look out the car window at the ferry terminal. This was the day we picked up Hero!

May 31, 2009

Happy Six-Months Birthday, Major!

A dog and his squeaky ball. You'll see these squeaky balls throughout this series of photos!

Two boys playing ball.

First, Ollie has the ball.

Then Major has the ball.

View the video!

Here is a video of the squeaky ball game that gets played over and over at our house!

Hurry up, Mom! The sun is bright in my eyes!

It's wonderful to lie in the sun, for a minute or two.

Still a little sleepy early in the morning.

Nice profile.

Aren't I a handsome birthday boy?

Ollie loves his squeaky ball!

Major is pretty near Ollie's size now!

Playing squeaky ball games at the water bowl.

Yes, I am the handsome birthday boy!

Giving me that sarcastic look!

Here's Ollie, still looking like a pup at 7 years old.

Running toward the water bowl!

Video of Pool Games!

In this video Major decides to join Ollie in the pool.

Finally stepping in!

Stop Action!

Where did the squeaky balls go?

He had a lot of fun! Happy six-months birthday, Major!

May 3, 2009

Three good dogs

I'm pet sitting Bella again. Here they all are having a rest.

Major at 5 months old

Here I am at 5 months old.

Heading for the stick pile.

Picking out a stick to play with.

I grabbed a great stick!