April 15, 2009

Major and Bella: A size comparison

Here are Major and Bella, a dog I petsit occasionally. Bella is (best guess) a pit bull/greyhound mix (9 years old). She weighs 50 lbs., and is 22" tall.
Major is 19 weeks old now.

Can you see Ollie's face from inside the cat door panel?

Lunchtime walk in the park

Hi, Mom and me went for a walk in the park today. Follow me ...

Here's my look from the side.

I'm so happy that my ears are up again! But the flash washes out my golden-brown colors :-(

On to the next sniff.

Just passing by.

April 4, 2009

Saturday in the sun

Both on alert!

You can see the wheels turning in his mind!

Major likes to play "keep-away" with Ollie. Ollie dutifully follows Major around, waiting for his chance to out-maneuver Major. Major does seem to understand that his body isn't coordinated enough yet to keep the ball, but that he certainly can, and does, use his brain to keep the ball - and to get it back if he does lose it for a moment.

April 2, 2009

Major and his Chinook friend, Chaka

Chaka is a Chinook who is the same age as Major. While we were out on a walk break from work, we came across Chaka and his owner. We were thrilled to meet another puppy, and now we meet many work days at 2:00 pm for puppy play time. What could be better!?

Sometimes good, clean fun can look so vicious!

April 1, 2009

A Chew Fest Evening

Major spent about 20 minutes gnawing on his Dino Cuz. He chewed the bumpy spines off it within about 15 minutes of first getting it. Better that than my shoes!

When Major first arrived, Ollie wasn't very happy about sharing his toys. Now, though, Ollie is really enjoying his "chew mate."